PepsiCo Caves on the Tropicana Rebrand

With the straight up commotion and online “buzz” this rebrand has garnered, I can’t believe it wasn’t done by Wolff Olins.

From the START I bet my buds over at Heroes Vs Villains that the Tropicana rebrand wasn’t going to last very long. It was almost as bad as the Sierra Mist redesign, but on a widely accepted product. Pepsico wanted clean and fresh, but htey ended up with something that was confusing to the color blind, and generic.

Here’s the commotion I’ve been hearing:
– Rebrand is generic
– Packaging is hard to differentiate between products
– Logo is too “2.0”
– Packaging doesn’t match the corporate style
– Packaging is boring

Almost every design blog on the net has discussed this packaging in the last month and yesterday the NY Times posted a story that Tropicana was going to move back to a slightly updated version of the old packaging (AND THE OLD LOGO, which is HUGE.)

I understand the whole “let’s make our product new again,” but the direction was just a bit off. I would love to see the design comps from the entire process to see how they got from A to B.

Maybe they will launch a viral campaign A LA The Pepsi Manifesto from last month.
Just wait for the Tropicana rebrand… rebrand.

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Jason Schwartz

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