Mountain Dew Redesigns the Redesign

Sometimes not all redesigns hit on the first try.

With all the backlash from the odd Pepsico rebranding from last month, a second iteration of the Mountain Dew ID has surfaced.


It’s trippy! I’m not sure how I feel about flying green stalagmites/elf hats, but it’s a step in the right direction compared to V2.0 Hokusai/Great Wave bottle. The illustration is nice, but it’s missing something. They should definitely take design cues from the Green Label Art Ltd Edition bottles from June/July 2008.

Now if they can just recapture that fluorescent plutonium green-yellow color, snowboarders, web developers and factory workers can all  re-jump for joy… at 4:30am.

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Jason Schwartz

Ads of The World Loves Boronas!!!

Super duper big props to longtime Bright Bright Great collaborator Art Director Boronas for his inclusion on Ads Of The World today for his Red Spot Pizza campaign.

“I’m not sure about Mexico, but the last time a pizza man entered through a bedroom window in Chi-town he got shot up!” -Jason

It’s very hot, very technotronic, and very Boronas and Rik.
We are currently jealous of the fun they are having in Mexico.

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Jason Schwartz