Bright Bright Great for Page Magazine Issue 03

Translation of the Page Magazine Issue 03 John Galliano/Hello Kitty article.
(Translation from Spanish to English.)

Hello Dior.
Hello Kitty + John Galliano for Vogue Japan.

Ahh summer… time for fall-winter collections! And what’s spectacular about this time is that Dior dares to present theirs in Japanese hi-def.

For the first time in Dior’s history, a slightly rounded model will present a clothing collection; and to make things more dramatic, a model that is pure love.

Mademoiselle Hello Kitty, ever so adorable, will make her runway debut showing the latest designs by John Galliano for Dior.

Her fashion-forward fans will be able to say hello in the May edition of Japanese Vogue, Vogue Nippon, which will include Kitty posing with Galliano while shopping in Paris.
Ah the good life, j’adore.

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Jason Schwartz

Bright Bright Great for Page Magazine Issue 02

Translation of the Page Magazine Issue 02 Philippe Starck article.
(Translation from Spanish to English.)

Get Naked.
The Voxan Cafe? Racer Super Naked by Philippe Starck.

Like there’s something better than the word “Naked” attached to a new toy… what about “Super Naked”?
Actually, we’re already Starck fans; all his designs have that curvy and fit French look. This time his minimalist touch revolves around Voxan, the French haute couture house of motorcycles.

With an engine of 120cc, a healthy weight of 180kg, and 140hp as the basics; design from outer space as a plus; and matte finish as an extra, it makes us want to introduce it to our parents.

Although this is only a prototype and there’s no final release date, we already bought leather jackets.

Who better than Philippe Starck to renew the traditional motorcycle and give it an even sexier look? Vrooom.

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Jason Schwartz